Saturday, September 26, 2009

New York, NY One of the Best Places on the Planet

Not to say that other locations in the world are bad, however, just be aware that per square inch, there are very few places that can boast the rich culture, diversity and abundance of just about anything one could desire.

New York is a cauldron of activity... everything from outdoor sports to shopping to entertainment is normally within a short hop or skip. Looking for some obscure Japanese soap opera? It's here, looking to get a massage and hot dogs? Thats here also. Yearning for some art gallery serving Indian food extra spicy? Yep, that too.

Businesses also do extremely well, both because of the New York pace of life, but also because it is a mecca for global travel and those seeking the "American Dream". You will find that open minds and intellect drip and ooze here due to the variety of adventures that just about anyone can have a few steps from their apartment. Yea, I love New York.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Business in India - Understanding History

I was interested in learning about sanskrit translation and the fact that the ancient language is three thousand years old. The story of the origin of Sanskrit began right from the Vedic age, sailing through the post-Vedic years and centuries later till today.

The Aryans collected a mass of hymns, rituals and poems about their gods which document the various dialects that they brought to India. From the Punjab, where the Aryans settled first after they came from Central Asia, their speech spread along the east as far as present Bihar by about 600 BC. The result was Prakrit or Middle Indo-Aryan dialect which soon engulfed the whole country in the north, east and centre.

Meanwhile, the ‘pure’ Aryans in Punjab were very unhappy about their sacred language getting ‘defiled’. So between 8th and 4th century BC, they came up with Classical Sanskrit, based on the old Vedic speech. But for all practical purposes, the origin of the language is taken to be the old Vedic Sanskrit.

With that being said, I just found the interpretation history to be quite amazing and needed to take a break from business as usual!

Monday, August 6, 2007

For All Business Owners - Make Sure You Have a Google Local Listing

It turns out that Google has a free 411 phone service that is curently in beta. I just had to give this service a shot. It turned out for a beta, an actually pretty good system. The service is based off of it's local results database and maps, with a very cheery set of electronic male and female voices. The number is 1-800-GOOG-41 1 and responds similarly to the traditional 411 operator - all except that is it completely automated, free of cost and operator free.

Albeit, a bit strange calling a phone service provided by Google instead of an online service, as one expects from the search engine - it could prove quite useful and it's free.

The service is in beta and is called, Google Voice Local Search (GVLS), and according to Google, if the business is part of the Google Maps database, you should be able to get connected.

If there's only a single listing available, it offers to connect you or you can get a numbered list to choose from for other results related. Give this one a shot if not program it into your phone and keep it just in case!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wishing for Voice to Text Transcription on the Fly?

This is live people, a public beta for a new tool that allows you to "Jott" your thoughts via phone to your email or someone else's. Pretty cool stuff here, not to mention the business value for an entrepreneur!

There have been thousands of moments I can recall where I have had a great thought, realization, or just plain out wanted to remember a name/detail. With Jott available to the masses now, I know the next time I have a thought that fits into: Immediate and forgetful, I will grab my cell phone and "Jott" my way into a better future.

What impressed me quite a bit was that punctuation and grammer was accounted for to the best determination of the recording processor/analysis engine... That was beyond my expectations for sure. Regardless, a must use, two thumbs up for Jott, one of the best services offered in the last couple years. I do not make this stuff up people.

Try it out yourself, and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Becoming an Encouraging Manager

My company sponsored an absolutely amazing managerial training two-day intensive course, and I have to say although I was concerned about the work piling on my desk for those days, the time spent away was well worth it! Prior to the course sessions, we were instructed to read a Harvard Business Review article entitled, Becoming the Manager. Thankfully, due to my curiousity into professional development, the material covered, had already been a part of my understanding.

The topics in that article were geared towards dispelling the myths and uncovering the facts of managerial responsibilty and reasons not everyone would be primed for the task. It delved into the psychology and politics of becoming a "buffer" inbetween the organization, employees and departments. The difficulties between being a "star performer" and graduating to managerial status are vast, not everyone is cut out for it. The prominance, power and status are hard earned and come with alot of responsibility - something which is often misunderstood or misappropriated.

Nonetheless, a group of 20 or so of us took the course. At first, everyone was dreading the education, since many of the members in the group were long-time managers, not to mention that the material the instructors began with was basic and seemingly commonsense. Our tabletops were laden with slinkies, stress-balls, pens, hilighters and scrap paper. Looking around into the teaching space (a showroom for a toy company), we couldn't help feel that it was quite early in the morning and not enough coffee flowed through our veins just yet. Regardless, we began.

Low and behold, the session took a foothold by having each member in the room introduce themselves, titles, aspirations, strengths and ultimate goals. This practice certainly helped easy people into talking and developed a basic rapport with each other and the instructors.

We then bagan to answer questions and put solid achievable goals into an "Action Plan" workbook, allowing us to keep tabs on our ideas, techniques to accomplish goals we set, as well as recommendations from peers. I learned alot about those that worked in my office, and those I worked closely with. The business seminar opened my eyes to the human element stirring within the company I thought I knew. Ultimately, the realization was that we are all very complex, there are issues that are quite frankly, at odds with one onother constantly, and likewise, even though we work in the same space, we truly let work and tasks dominate the balance. I learned to keep people closer to me, and to work to develop tighter, more compassionate bonds with my fellow coleagues.

After reading through many of the binder sections on specific techniques ("Tools"), tactics and philosophies around good business management ownership and understanding, it was time to indulge in a little Q and A. Understanding how people thought through issues, resolved conflicts and dealt with crucial conversations truly defined what a good manager is and will always be.

On the second day, I could truly speak for the rest of the class in this instance, we began to put the "tools" into practice. Running through a couple of homework roleplay scenarios, we were suprised with a phantom roleplay scenario. This allowed each of us to truly put into action the new learnings from the course.

I have to say, coming out of that training course, I have not only become a better manager but a better person. The principles are one and the same with being a balanced individual as well as a team player, so take all of the instruction others will give and certainly heed my advice... get involved with training courses and seminars like thiis to enhance your business proficiency and know-how.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Never, Never , Never Quit! We are Winners in The Business Game

Coming up with a new business product or service can be challenging. The business environment is fierce, but then again so are we, compettive and undetered... With all of the enticements of everyday living, the pains, the relationships, even the tortures add up to the game that we love to play. Whether we are in the contracting business, webdev or marketing arenas, an entrepreneur is always a fighter.

Face it, we are ready for tasks, undeniably fit for the latest endeavor our hearts commit to, and we are primed for the success and the failure. After all, isn't this what the game is about? Business warfare? I have yet to find someone in our space of few who hasn't been disappointed, however, that is a blip on our plan and almost accounts for nothing, irregardless of the many barrages of failures.

Not to start this blog off on a negative tone, we are winners. Winners in the business game, now or later, 2 years or 10. We will never quit. As Sir Winston Churchil said, "Never, never, never quit! ". As true today as it was back then, and forever more.